Albert Kahn

The philanthropist Albert Kahn initiated one of the most important photographic endeavours the world has ever seen. The banker, born in 1860, used his vast fortune to finance a team of photographers who sought to create records of an ever changing world between 1909 and 1931. They took the first ever colour photographs (seen here) of countries such as Vietnam, Brazil, Norway, and the United States. He hoped these photographs would help unite a troubled world.

150 years after his birth, a young Englishman takes a tour of the Albert Kahn Museum and its garden, which once belonged to Kahn, in the outskirts of Paris.

These are the photographs that I took in this remarkably tranquil place.




4 thoughts on “Albert Kahn

  1. These are gorgeous Mathieu :) Why did no one tell me this place existed when I was in Paris??

    Also, as an aside, i love your blog very much x

  2. Hey Matthew! Your photos are really nice! Could you please tell me which kind of photo tool you use to make such pictures?? Canon? Panasonic??

    1. Bonjour Sylvain,
      Oui – j’utilise mon Canon 500D, le plus part du temps avec un 50mm 1.4. Sur le sensor ‘cropped’, ca fait un 80mm, donc il n’est pas idéal pour les ‘landscapes’, mais il est génial pour les portraits.

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