The Art

Flickr is the largest photosharing website on the internet; since its launch in 2004, more than 5 billion photographs have been uploaded.

Why? Why do so many men and women find such satisfaction in taking and sharing photographs?

I believe photography is communication. Through the manipulation of light on a sensor, an artist has the power to create meaning.

Throughout the last century, photographs have not only documented important moments, but shaped and evolved, shocked and surprised, motivated and inspired generations. Photographers are heralds and orators – whether through careful, slow planning or impulsive lightening-speed reactions, a photographer works with a tool to tell the world a story. As Monet understood his brush, the Photographer uses camera in his hands to direct light in such a way as to speak.

A photographer possesses amazing power, and the responsibility to use that power in presenting a full canvas, worthy of the spectators’ investigatory gaze.

This is what I hope my photography might one day become.

Jardin du Luxembourg Metro

La Tour Eiffel

The Rescue Blues Saint Michel Busker

1984 The Proles Image La Defense Paris

Pray in Saint Sulpice Paris

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