Little Girl

When was first commissioned to produce a photograph, I worried that I would lose both my integrity as an artist and passion for the art. I had spoken with professionals who had once loved photography, but had reduced it to a simple nine to five, and no longer found pleasure in it. Since working asContinue reading “Little Girl”

Lyme Park II

Over Easter I spent a few days with family in Lyme Park. One grey afternoon I ventured into the rain and mist with my camera. Lyme park is a beautiful national park in the North of England, and is featured in the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Darcy’s famous pond excursion and residence Pemberley areContinue reading “Lyme Park II”

London’s Heart

After some of the worst rioting in years, residents of Clapham are  waiting for forensic teams to finish so that they can clean their streets. Some of them are students, some are men and women who have taken a day off to help. These are true Londoners. To wild cheers from the crowd, a manContinue reading “London’s Heart”

The Art

Flickr is the largest photosharing website on the internet; since its launch in 2004, more than 5 billion photographs have been uploaded. Why? Why do so many men and women find such satisfaction in taking and sharing photographs? I believe photography is communication. Through the manipulation of light on a sensor, an artist has the power toContinue reading “The Art”