Photography in Paris, Wedding

I do. (Wedding Photography 101)

A few weeks ago, I photographed a very dear friend’s wedding. Until that Saturday, I had never been specifically asked to photograph such an important event, creating memories for generations to come. In many ways I consider it a great pleasure to be able to serve friends in this way, and provide them with such a personal gift. It was certainly an interesting experience, and one that I’m not absolutely opposed to repeating. It’s remarkable that all in one day, one moves from feeling like a voyeur intruding in the tenderness of moments, to an artist, carefully composing shots that convey meaning, to barking orders in hopes of retaining a semblance of crowd control. Here are a few of my favourite shots from the big day (and an engagement session we did together).


Photography in Paris, Wedding

Old Love.

September passes by, and takes with it the green from the leaves. Paris is still Paris, and hasn’t ceased to be intimidating beautiful. Here are some recent shots.

I love the French word ‘flou’. It means ‘blurred’ or ‘out of focus’. It’s fun to say in a french accent. “Flou”


Another shot of La Defense. I will stop uploading these at some point, I promise…but come on, there is a rainbow. (Check my flickr for a higher res version!)

I get this escalator every day.