Korea, 2014

I recently traveled to South Korea with Matter&Co, to report for Pioneers Post. I had a few days to visit the sites around Seoul. Gyeongbokgung Palace Guards, Seoul, 2014 Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, 2014 Backstreet Printer, Seoul, 2014 Backstreet Print Workshop, Seoul, 2014 Big Issue Seller, Seoul, 2014 Nuts drying in the street Man Asleep, Seoul, 20014 KoreanContinue reading “Korea, 2014”

Street Photography III, or, ‘Parisian Summer’

Finally, a third instalment in this street photography series. These were taken in the summer of 2011.   Cleaning La Grande Arche, La Defense, Paris, 2011 Cellist, Louvre, Paris, France, 2011 Man walking in 1st, Paris, France, 2011

Street Photography II, or, ‘In the Metro’

This, the second post in a street photography series, focuses on the Parisian metro, and the characters found in it. These are two of the more controversial photographs I’ve taken. Man speaking to himself, Paris, France, 2011 Man urinating in metro, Paris, France, 2011

Street Photography I, or, ‘The Two Saints’

The next few posts in this gallery will include some of my street photography from 2011. These shots have been posted elsewhere, but not yet to this gallery. I consider these images, and this period, extremely important in shaping me as a photographer. Please note that whenever possible, I obtain permission from the subjects ofContinue reading “Street Photography I, or, ‘The Two Saints’”

America III, or, ‘The Wynn, The Cosmopolitan, and the Desert’

This will be the last post in my America series. Of the 1,000 photographs I took in Las Vegas, I feel those I have included in these three articles best communicate my experience of the city. I stayed in the Wynn hotel for a few days. It might be regarded as the epitome of opulence. I certainlyContinue reading “America III, or, ‘The Wynn, The Cosmopolitan, and the Desert’”